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financial services

Offering includes omni-channel business and operational strategy content strategy, marketing optimization across paid, earned owned media, and CDP integration for real-time digital personalization


Deliver improved customer cross-sales and engagement through advanced marketing analytics and AI-driven content personalization and messaging



  • Created digital center of excellence for major FS bank

  • Utilized design thinking for digital/social channels  to map create customer journeys against novel  "life-transition" model instead of tradiitonal product or life-stage segmentation models

  • Developed customer community content hub and  referral services to create a demeand engine and  better target and align marketing campaings against contextual customer need-states

  • 14% lift in positive customer engagement  

  • Conversion increases of 3% in outbound marketing campaigns 

  • Enhanced marketing COE  and  operational content model, improving  efficiency accross marketing and content teams by  reducing approval times

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