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our services span marketing, commerce and care - to ensure the experiences we design reflect our human-centric approach, our community is comprised of industry veterans with expertise in experiential design, operations, digital transformation, UX, CXM, technology architecture, system integration, data analytics and AI.



dig.human serves both B2B and B2C organizations globally. We have extensive experience serving the most demanding clients based on specific business requirements  unique to each industry:

  • Retail

  • Financial Services

  • Products

  • Technology

  • Healthcare



Project teams are assembled based on specific client needs. We can provide individual support for short-term or small projects  or full teams for ongoing run programs, including on-shore and offshore programs.across a wide array of digital services

  • Experiential design

  • Digital analytics

  • Business and operational strategy

  • Content strategy

  • Paid, earned owned media strategy

  • Technology architecture

  • System integration: CRM, CDP, DMP

industry examples

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