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Capabilities targeting customer engagement, content creation and personalization, CSat/NPS, community creation, and enhanced customer care including proactive care targeting and triage through AI driven analytic modeling and real-time support


Driving digital content engagement performance and improving customer awareness, engagement  and CSat



  • Audited client content production and customer engagment performance and utilized AI to analyze and recommend revised strategy for improving awareness and impact

  • Developed new operational content marketing model for individual buiness lines and created new social content publication and analytics processes for earned, owned and paid media programs

  • Built performance scorecard and training framework for content and marketing COE teams

  • Identified 5 key areas to improve customer engagment and ran successful pilot which increased positive engagment by nearly 2x in the first 90 days

  • Targeted underperforming content and marketing campaigns to address gaps and new opportunities to drive improved incremental ROI through

  • Improved and streamlined content approval process and operational structure which in turn increased efficiencies, reduced agent service times  and lifted CSat scores approximately 12%

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