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Improving omni-channel customer targeting programs and proactively reducing account churn through enhanced digital campaign personalization, proactive social care triage and management, and expanded inside sales programs


Create a more integrated CXM capability across channels to increase cross-sales and reduce customer churn



  • Analyzed customer conversations, stated preferences and behavior through AI analytics platform tied to CDP

  • Conducted design-thinking workshop to value and prioritize top opportunities and created a  practical implementation roadmap and execution plan

  • Addressed several experiential gaps that could greatly increase customer satisfaction and reduce  churn  through the addition of a real-time digital care triage process

  • Pilot program demonstrated significant improvements in CSat and propensity to renew contracts redcing churn by 8% for the initial pilot program

  • Scaled agent customer inside6-sales 6 program which increased retention rates by more than 5% and cross-sales revenue improvement 2%

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