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building better human-centric experiences
through AI

At dig.human, we are dedicated to creating digital  experiences for our clients that drive real business impact

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By putting the human element back at the center of every digital experience, we are able to create personalized purpose-driven solutions that truly resonate with our clients' audiences.

Our community of digital industry experts leverages the power of AI to identify experiential gaps, build trust with customers and unlock measurable business value.

our services


We use a combination of AI-driven analytics and proprietary design thinking to identify opportunities and develop a roadmap to drive incremental business impact. By utilizing  structured and unstructured data, and qualitative and quantitative approaches we identify critical  “moments that matter” ‘ that can dramatically improve, customer engagement, acquisition, and retention.


We architect and build omni-channel experiences that span marketing, commerce, loyalty and care programs . We are expert at working with our clients and technology partners to implement integrated next generation UX, CDP and CRM capabilities that utilize AI to drive measurable ROI across the front and back office.


Our global expert community is skilled in providing the necessary ongoing support to scale and run these new human-centric experiences. We work closely with our clients to provide performance-driven programs, including deployment, support services, monitoring and analytics that are tailored to specific business requirements.

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