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partnering with bold leaders to accelerate growth

At dig.human, we are dedicated to creating  improved digital experiences for our clients that drive real business outcomes

dig.human - the art of human-centric digital experiences

how we work

By fusing our unique approach and accelerators with human-centered practices that span data, design, technology and AI, we empower organizations to harness their existing investments to accelerate growth, transformation and innovation.

Our seasoned industry experts and thought leaders have been at the forefront of the most significant technology and business trends of the past 30 years. Collectively we've generated billions of dollars in business value for top global companies. 

simple, direct, and outcome- focused.


We use a combination of AI-driven analytics and proprietary design thinking to identify opportunities and develop a roadmap to drive incremental business impact. By utilizing  structured and unstructured data, and qualitative and quantitative approaches we identify critical  “moments that matter” ‘ that can dramatically improve, customer engagement, acquisition, and retention.


Once we have analyzed the data and identified an organization's current experiential  challenges and opportunities, we  collaborate with our clients through an interactive ideation process to prioritize and prototype potnetial solutions.


We  use our proprietary AI modeling suite to estimate and map the potential value, cost to execute, level of effort, and institutional readiness required to address each initiative.


Our  experienced team is skilled in providing the necessary knowledge to scale these new human-centric experiences. We work closely with our clients to deliver performance-driven programs, and can help with deployment, support, monitoring and analytics tailored to specific business requirements.

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